Purpose of the foundation

The Rajendra & Ursula Joshi Foundation (JCF) has set itself the goal of introducing and implementing a new vocational training system in India. The basis for this is the high-quality and proven model of dual vocational training in Switzerland. With the support of competent Swiss experts and trainers, who also work locally, the first practice-oriented training programs are being successfully implemented.

As Switzerland’s dual system has shown over more than 150 years of history, it can train highly qualified and flexibly deployable professionals and give trainees a start in the professional world on which to build a career. Experienced specialists are in high demand and have a lasting impact on the economy.

The basis for this hands-on training is a clever mix of practical work in training companies, supplemented by inter-company courses run by industry associations and specialist teaching at vocational colleges. The theoretical lessons are specifically expanded with general education subjects. In both areas, soft skills are acquired in addition to practical and specialist skills.

Important information

As we support our own projects, JCF does not accept applications for support.