Bhartiya Skill Development University – BSDU

Our project is mentioned on page 4 of the background information published by the Swiss Embassy in January 2022.

Inaugurated in April 2016, the Bhartiya Skills Development University in Jaipur, an initiative of the Switzerland based Rajendra & Ursula Joshi Foundation, offers various courses based on the Swiss dual training system. The Rajasthan legislative assembly passed a bill incorporating the BSDU in Jaipur, thereby setting up the first Skill University in India.

Link to the full article (eng): Background Information Swiss Embassy of January 2022

The second construction phase has begun. Construction of the first buildings has begun on the 30-hectare site for the new vocational university. In the meantime, we have expanded our existing campus with workshops and classrooms for carpenters, car mechanics, electricians and IT network as well as an additional hostel. Ten different professions are already being trained.

The project offers young people in India an opportunity to achieve a professional future in India and to support Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision of “Make in India”. Further information on our homepage