In brief

Modern teaching methods based on the Swiss system are used in training to become a healthcare assistant. The acquisition of flexibly usable knowledge, the development of interdisciplinary skills and a better ability to solve problems should be promoted. Social skills and teamwork are key qualifications that are acquired as part of this training.

Learners acquire the basic theoretical and practical knowledge required to support nurses. Diverse practical know-how, high motivation and dedication and respectful and professional behavior.

After completing the course, students have the opportunity to work independently in a hospital ward.


  • In-depth training of highly motivated and committed support staff for hospitals and nursing homes.
  • Ensure that unskilled staff no longer work in hospitals.
  • Training of MNAs who establish and maintain a respectful professional relationship with patients in their daily lives and whose behavior is tailored to the needs of patients.


Module 1

6 months of practical work and theory on the BSDU premises

Module 2

6 months internship in a hospital

The MNA cares for and monitors patients and performs medical-technical interventions. It supports the physical, social and emotional well-being of patients. The MNA cultivates a respectful relationship with her patients in her everyday life.


  • 1st semester full-time training at the BSDU (80% practice, 20% theory)
  • 2nd semester internship in a hospital


(Entry and exit possible after each semester)

  • Certificate (6 months)
  • Diploma (12 months)

Career opportunities

The medical assistant will be very useful as a care assistant for patients in facilities such as hospitals and nursing homes. She is able to carry out medical-technical interventions and support the physical, social and emotional well-being of patients.

Infrastructure and equipment

A practical training laboratory, office, storage room and changing room for women.

The practice room is furnished like a multi-bed room in a hospital. It contains linen changing trolleys, bed side rails, bedside tables, stretcher trolleys, medical equipment, CPR material, hygiene utensils, blood collection equipment, models of various organs, a skeleton, etc.

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