In brief

The carpentry profession is practiced all over the world. At the BSDU, we offer a first-class education that enables students to carry out high-quality, professional work. With these skills, they have good chances on the job market and have the opportunity to open their own carpentry workshop after completing the B.Voc course.

Among other things, the following content is taught during the training:

Materials science, design, working with modern standard machines, CAD – 3D drawing, CNC basics, personal development and entrepreneurship.


  • to train students who have good future prospects on the international job market as carpenters or in similar professions.
  • We adhere to the educational standards of Indian “Furniture & Fittings” with the international standards for the training of globally recognized workers.
  • Students learn to carry out carpentry work in real time and develop the associated manual skills.
  • Knowledge and application in the area of corporate management.
  • Promoting the carpentry profession in India.


  • 1./3. and 5th semester full-time training at the BSDU (80% practice, 20% theory)
  • 2./4. and 6th semester in the industry. Scholarships from companies possible.


(Entry and exit possible after each semester)

  • Certificate (6 months)
  • Diploma (12 months)
  • Advanced diploma (24 months)
  • Bachelor’s degree in vocational training (36 months)

Career opportunities

Carpentry skills are needed in the private sector, in industry, in construction and in many other areas. The carpentry training at BSDU enables students to carry out the work professionally, giving them the opportunity to gain a foothold in a number of areas. Whether as cabinet makers, carpenters or designers – all doors are open to our students. In the future, there is the possibility that the profession will be supplemented with plastics work.

Infrastructure and equipment

CNC milling machine, CNC drilling, edge bender, beam saw, standard machines (milling machine, sliding table saw, sliding table saw, hot press, horizontal mortising machine, band saw, surface planner, thickness planner, multiboring machine (32mm), wide belt sander, edge sander) Hand-held machines (milling machine, jigsaw, circular saw, mitre saw), oscillating saw, domino jointing machine, cordless drill, hammer drill, one-hand planner, mobile dust extractor, random orbital sander, orbital sander) dust collection system, briquetting press, wood waste shredder, forklift, pallet truck and other infrastructure equipment.

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We are looking for experts!

Are you interested in getting involved in this project and spending a unique time in India at the same time? We are looking for capable professionals to pass on their specialist knowledge at the BSDU. We take care of the bureaucracy.