In brief

The School of Plant and Apparatus Engineering will offer a series of skilled courses related to the fabrication and processing of metal parts for component manufacturing, integrated with science and technology. As part of this industrial vocational training under the supervision of Swiss trainers, graduates are trained to the highest quality standards.

Infrastructure development and the rise in automobile production are driving growth in the metal processing and manufacturing sectors in India. The country also has a fair advantage in terms of production and labor costs. In this rapidly growing production sector in India, the demand for qualified specialists is increasing. BSDU Metal Fabrication School provides students with comprehensive training in various areas of metal fabrication, which includes sheet metal fabrication along with various high-end joining and welding techniques. Students are also introduced to forming processes such as rolling, bending, forging, deep drawing, etc. The core element of the training is the production and welding of various steel and aluminum alloys for different constructions.


  • In-depth training in the following areas (quality control, sheet metal processing, welding, material selection, production control)
  • Carry out production and repairs
  • Trained specialists who meet the standards of the NSQF level and can be deployed as specialists in the company.
  • pass certification tests officially conducted by the Indian Institute of Welding (IIW) and the American Welding Society (AWS).
  • Be able to start your own business.
  • Able to apply all basic principles, theories and safety procedures consistent with current welding industry standards.
  • Be able to apply all principles and characteristics of professional work ethics in any work environment
  • Be able to participate in company growth and continuous improvement.


  • 1./3. and 5th semester full-time training at the BSDU (80% practice, 20% theory)
  • 2./4. and 6th semester in the industry. Scholarships from companies possible.


(Entry and exit possible after each semester)

  • Certificate (6 months)
  • Diploma (12 months)
  • Advanced diploma (24 months)
  • Bachelor’s degree in vocational training (36 months)

Infrastructure and equipment

The School of Metal Construction has a wide range of welding and cutting equipment to carry out all types of welding work depending on the type of production. The availability of such a wide range of equipment ensures that all welding requirements are met. The welding equipment available at the school could be used for training and demonstrations on the manufacture of specialized equipment for ultra-high vacuum (UHV), steam, cryogenics, automotive and others.

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We are looking for experts!

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